Although a casual watch is something that you can wear safely every day, there are certain situations that call for drastic measures. I am talking about if you are going to go on a camping trip or somewhere that is far from civilization like in the forest or in the desert.
If you go to such harsh locations, it is important that you have a survival watch with you. This is a timepiece that is built to last and comes with useful features that will help you survive.
In this article, I will be talking about my top choices for survival watches in 2020.

Casio G-Shock Mudman

Casio’s G-Shock line of watches is definitely built like a tank. They are so well-built that even NASA makes use of some G-Shock watches in outer space expeditions. That just speaks of the quality of these amazing timepieces.
That being said, the Casio G-Shock Mudman is a chunky watch that’s got a moon graph, a digital compass, and a thermometer- all features that are quite helpful if you are outdoors.
Since this is a G-Shock watch, you can throw it in hard surfaces, have it scratched by a rock and even if it gets run down by a truck, this watch can handle the pressure without any problems.

Timex Expedition Gallatin

If you want a watch that is easy to read even in dark areas, then the Timex Expedition Gallatin is for you. This watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters and has a simple date and time setting functionality that you can tweak whenever you need to.
It’s got a large 44mm resin watch case that, although is quite tough, it can be subject to bleaching if it is exposed too long in the intense heat of the sun.
It also comes in a traditional Nylon strap that can fray depending on the conditions. Fortunately, you have the ability to change the strap as needed.

Seiko Men’s Kinetic GMT Ion

Seiko is another company that makes sturdy and stylish watches and this Kinetic GMT Ion will not disappoint.
It has an all stainless steel exterior with a large 45.5mm watch case. It uses Japanese Quartz movement and it comes with an analog display which also makes this timepiece an ideal one to use even in casual affairs.
A standout feature of the watch is that it uses kinetic energy to power its mechanism. Think of it as a glorified automatic watch mechanism.

Luminox Recon Analog

This watch by Luminox is also built like a tank and it has a standout feature in that the compass is located just below the bezel itself and not on the main watch face. This is to ensure that you can tell the time while also allowing you to perfectly pinpoint your location with ease.
The watch is also rated to last up to 660m underwater which is one of the highest water-resistant ratings you can find on the market today.

Casio G-Shock Rangeman Master

This watch is considered as the Swiss Army Knife of watches simply because of the plethora of features that are available to you.
It comes with Atomic timekeeping for up to five countries, which just means that you get to have an accurate time for up to five different time zones.
It’s got an accurate digital compass, has a smooth display, and it also has that G-Shock brand of shock and water-resistance.
That being said, I do not understand why this watch only comes with mineral glass instead of sapphire glass. The former is scratch-resistant up to a point and the latter is basically scratchproof. If anything, you want a survival watch to be free of any scratches whatsoever.
Still, I would recommend this watch to any survivalist in a heartbeat.