1.Ignoring and Not Reading the Terms of Service

One of the mistakes business owners and bloggers commit is that they fail to check Terms of Service when signing up for a web host. If you refuse to read this important resource, chances are, you will end up in huge trouble. This is where agencies include information on multiple limitations, like how many emails users can receive and send every hour.

2.Failure to Check Online Reviews

After searching for a list of reputable website hosting providers, you might end up with web host that appears to deliver all services you need at an affordable price. But, think about it. If the promise is too good to be true, then maybe it is. Make sure to check web hosting reviews to double check the details before finalizing your deal with them.

3.Prioritizing Price Over Quality

Are you a newbie who is just starting out a website? If yes, then you it’s possible that you are operating on a tight budget. Thing is, if you really wish to end up with the best website hosting services in Malaysia, then don’t let the price be deciding factor. Remember, you always get what you pay for. Don’t worry. Surely, there are lot of excellent web hosting plans out there that fits your budget.

4.Settling with Terrible Customer Support and Service

It’s always a great idea to settle with a website host offering reliable customer support, from emails and live chat to phone support. You’ll never go wrong with agencies providing 24/7 customer service. Just see to it that they are really offering quality support services by testing it, and reaching out to them in the middle of the night.

5.Failure to Understand “Unlimited Hosting”

At this day and age, there are plenty of hosting providers offering unlimited hosting services. At first, it sounds amazing, until you realize that it’s not really unlimited. When a web hosting agency says that they are providing unlimited hosting, this means that their team is managing limited server resources in order to ensure that their web hosting capacity wouldn’t suffer any shortage.