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We are creatures of habit. When we meeting and event planning , we usually go to the places that we’re familiar with. Although it can be quite easy to host events in venues that we already know, it is still best that you think outside of the box from time to time.

This is to ensure that your events are going to be fun while also giving an entirely new experience as well. If you’re thinking of planning an out of town event, then here are some steps that will ensure the success of the upcoming occasion:

1. Research

Since you’re going to choose an unfamiliar venue for your next event, the most logical thing that you can do is conduct a thorough research about the possible places you can go to.

Utilize the power of the internet for this. Most of the huge venues already have a website ready so that you can find out more about the place.

Furthermore, there are certain aggregate apps that collect information about some hotels and great function rooms in your area so that you can host your next convention or conference, for example.

2. Think If You’re Going to Hire Local or Outside Artists

You’re going to hire some performers in your event or a keynote speaker perhaps. Decide if you want to hire some locals or if you want to hire your usual picks.

Think of their pros and cons. You might think that hiring your out of town artists, performers, or speakers are good since you already know them, but you have to take note that because you’re in a new place, the cost of transportation might be too expensive for your current budget.

On the flip side, you might be reluctant to hire local performers since you do not know their track record. However, it can be cost-effective since you do not really have to spend a lot of money on transport. So, weigh the pros and cons so that you can decide which option you would choose.

3. Manage Bookings in Advance

If you think that planning an event locally is hard, try organizing one in an unfamiliar venue and faraway venue. There are so many things that you have to think about- one of which is the bookings of your guests and performers.

If you hire outside entertainment for your event, you have to make sure that you book their flights in advance to help you save money.

You also have to reserve some rooms for them as well since big events typically attract a lot of attendees and there might be no more accommodations if you book them late. You also want to provide for the transport services of your guests, so be sure to book the cars or carpooling services weeks before they arrive so that you can plan things accordingly.

4. Give a Little Time Allowance

Traveling to a new place would mean that you require more time to get to the venue. Going to an unfamiliar place requires people to get acquainted with it and it can take some time.

Furthermore, the traffic there might be worse than your area, so be sure to give your guests a little bit more time allowance to get to the destination.

5. A Perfect Time to Adapt

Organizing an event in an unfamiliar venue will raise some questions from your team. Be patient when it comes to their queries and concerns as this will help mold your character and so that you can become a better event organizer in the future.

Adapting to new things and thinking outside the box is already a bold feat and if you can manage to make the event successful, you’re going to be even more proud of yourself.

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