A lot of people ask me when the perfect time is to set up an online business. To tell you the truth, there is no perfect time. There is, however, a good niche where you can start your business and flourish for many years to come.

In today’s article, I will provide you with information about some of the best e-commerce business ideas that you can try and start to establish in 2020.

Online Grocery Delivery

This is arguably one of the best online business startup ideas that you can try for yourself. This is a bit harder to pull off since you are going to have to confer with a lot of vendors, but if you can pull this off, it will all be worth it.

Why is this business idea great? For one, people live busy lives and they might not have the time (or energy) to go to the grocery store themselves.

Since people would need some supplies, providing them an avenue where they can just order groceries online and have them delivered is a really nice idea, to begin with.

E-Learning Platforms

If you have the knack for educating people, giving them online courses can really help. E-learning platforms essentially mean that you provide as many subjects and courses as possible to the people that want to educate themselves about certain topics.

You can start on your own but as your business grows, you should start thinking about hiring other educators as well.

This is a good e-commerce idea simply because education is very important and knowledge is power.

Social Media Consultancy

In this day and age, social media is pretty much the backbone for any business. Without a social media presence, your online reputation may take a hit.
If you know a lot about social media marketing and how the platform can be used in a business sense, then providing social media consultancy services may be the right one for you.

Online Customer Engagement

There are some people that are quite adept at hearing about customer complaints and pain points and providing meaningful solutions. People that have this talent should definitely think about providing online customer engagement platforms and if that speaks true to you, then put up one now.

Crowdfunding Sites

For those of you who do not know, crowdfunding sites are platforms where would-be business startups can get some funding from real people.

Becoming a platform where other businesses can flourish can be a great philanthropic way of helping people in this regard. This may require a lot more capital than other ventures, but in the spirit of helping people out, this is worth it.

Online Business Consultancy

Did you know that people who want to open their own online businesses would hire a business consultant? That is according to a recent survey conducted by Business Insider.

Business consultants are people that know how to make a business flourish and if you happen to have the knowledge and experience of doing that before, then you may want to consider putting up your own consultancy service.

Link Building Agency

One of the ways website owners can improve their pages’ SEO performance is through link building. This is the art of including as many links to other websites as possible to gain more internet traffic on your platform.

Of course, implementing the best practices may not be ideal for most users as this is a pretty time-consuming part of the process. However, if you can provide such a service, then you can expect people to be sending you emails immediately to hire you.