Economic Models

Currency has a lot of academic theories around it. Parity condition is the main theory for economics in the forex. Parity condition explains the exchange price between two currencies that is based on factors like interest rates and inflation. Below are the other economic theories: Major Theories Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) This theory states that […]

Steps In Managing Your Finance

In having a better state of finance, proper money management planning is crucial despite it will take some times to comprehend the whole concept of finance and simply improve it. In other words, in mastering on the concept of the finance, it require high amount of commitment and proper understanding on the situation of the […]

Financial Tips For Young Adults

Tips on financial should be nurture to the young adults as they are going to manage on their own finance as they will be having their own commitment in the future. In avoiding them from simply being clueless as they are going to enter the real world, here are the financial tips for the young […]