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Are you a newbie blogger? Well, you need to polish your content marketing skills as soon as possible. Here are powerful SEO copywriting tips that help you can raise your content standards, and eventually will increase search engine ranking, and its chances of going viral.

  1. Use keywords in the correct areas and write long-form content.

It is a fact that long-form content does better in the search engines. The ideal word count? 2,500 words. If you can go back to your old posts and rewrite  content to increase their word count, please do so. You should also use your primary keywords in the right areas.

  1. Use lots of paragraph breaks.

Who doesn’t love short, easy-to-read articles? Make sure to include a lot of page breaks. I’m sure that even during your school days, you hate reading lengthy paragraphs. Well, now we are sure that your blog readers hate them, too.

As much as possible, compose shorter paragraphs with many page breaks. Surely, the human mind will easily grasp its substance, resulting in more social shares and more improved ROI.

  1. Organize and redefine your content hierarchy.

After redesigning your website to conform with the most recent trends, now it’s time to redefine your content hierarchy. Make it easier for your audience to follow your content.

Why not use analytics to pinpoint the best spots in your posts? Always make sure to include at least one year of data to minimize the impacts of some seasonal fluctuations. Which of your posts generated the most conversions? Which among your buttons had the most clicks? It’s time to organize your existing content.

Eventually, you will need to adopt a good content management strategy. This will enable your website content to rank high in search, and eventually get discovered by more customers.

  1. Create simpler sentences and reduce verb phrases.

Those posts that perform well in search engines do not have fluff in them. Just use simple verbs and verb phrases. When it comes to SEO copywriting, simpler and shorter sentences get more value, as compared to more complicated ones.

  1. Make sure that your content focuses on a specific problem. Then, find a solution for it.

People are constantly looking for solutions to their everyday problems. Search engines make their lives easier by offering references to the exact solutions they are looking for.

The best SEO copywriting tip? Present blog content in the form of an easy, complete solution. Add screenshots, FAQs, statistics, images, videos and lots of other above-the-fold content! Give your readers complete information on the topics they want to explore.

Aside from the aforementioned strategies, here are other reminders to keep in mind when it comes to SEO copywriting:

  • Always include related and relevant external and internal links.
  • Utilize the APP method to be able to write a compelling introduction.
  • Use subheadings and bullet points wherever possible.
  • Never underestimate the power of meta descriptions.

Are you excited to follow the above strategies? Implement them now and realize the power of having efficient SEO copywriting skills.

Regardless if you are a small business or a big business, it is not that easy to have loyal customers. You need to advertise in order to sell and how are you going to do that now that people are becoming smarter consumers and the competition is tight? Simple. Use social media for business. There are many good reasons to utilize social media platforms to your advantage. The first one is that it helps you build your presence and that’s an effective way to grow as a brand. Besides, the growing popularity of social media is enough reason to use it. If you have yet to join the bandwagon, here are some tips that can help you succeed:

1.Be clear with your plans.

The first thing you have to work upon is to come up with a clear strategy. Your plans should be concrete. When you do not have a plan, it is possible to create mistakes. The added benefit of having a plan is that you have a direction and you are certain with the things you are doing. In business, it is crucial to get leads and sales apart from having many likes and shares. You have to use a calendar to organize things. The calendar also reminds you when it is time to produce your content. For an online calendar, there are paid tools and even free ones that come with this feature.

2.Do your best using the right platform.

This is important especially if you are just getting started. The problem is that many businesses do not take this into consideration. The reason for this is that your targeted audience might be more active on a particular platform. If your followers are more engaging on Instagram than on Facebook, you have to post more content on Instagram. That being said, do not forget that Facebook remains on the top of the list. More and more people are utilising Facebook the same way they used to utilise Google.

3.Know the pain points of your consumers.

This is the part where two things could happen. A few businesses could fail or it could be the reason why some brands are getting ahead of their competitors. They understand their audience completely. They know what these people are attracted to and what they dislike. Beside getting a clear plan of your own objectives and goals, it is also important that you know your own targeted audiences goals, wants, and needs.

Understand the power of social media and its benefits on ecommerce. This medium has truly changed the way we do business. So there is no reason you should ignore it. From being a simple platform where we can share ideas and reach out to family and friends, social media is rapidly becoming a great place to promote a business. Where there are people, there is an opportunity to get leads and there is no better place in marketing online than social media platforms.