One major hurdle faced in starting ecommerce sites is how to make potential customers to trust you. It’s hard to look reputable enough for people who wants to buy from you if you’re still new to the game. It is important to garner the trust and love of people for you to be able in successfully selling your own goods.

So how do you get people to trust in your e commerce company business? Take a look at these 5 reliable tools and tactics that can definitely help you to get on the right track.

Social Proof

Nobody can deny the impact of social proof on a product or website. Majority of customers browse for reviews before they consider on purchasing something online. People trust product reviews more than they trust the actual copy that came from manufacturers. This instill confidence in the buyers and influences their decisions to buy. A smart move is to add customer comments and reviews on your store and in your products.

A modern website that is mobile friendly

Always remember that first impressions are the key. Customers don’t trust you yet the first time they visit your site. So by having an ecommerce store that looks unprofessional and not maintained, doesn’t work well on mobile, has poor copy and content, light on graphics, and basically looks like it was made by a 10 year old, sends signals to customers that your site may not be legit.

Establish your story

It takes more than a few positive user reviews and a good looking website to establish your credibility online. You need to be known as well.

You need to introduce yourself and tell your story to your clients so that they can get to know better on the business they are spending their money on. Tell them the value that you want to share and what your company represents. By doing so, you are creating trust between you and your customers and it eases the buying experience for them. Utilize blog posts to tell your story repeatedly in different ways.

Customer support that’s easily available

Ensuring customer satisfaction builds trust and reliability towards your online store. By letting your customers know that you are ready to handle their questions and problems immediately, you are making them feel safer to purchase from you. Problems will always surface during shipping especially on a defective or wrong product, billing issues, etc. when purchasing online.

Your contact details like email, phone number, company address (not website) should be prominently displayed for your customers to see so that they know they can reach when they need something.

A clear return policy

Customers can have their peace of mind when they know that the company they bought is stands behind their products. Inspire trust in your customers by having a clear and reasonable return policy for situations when their purchases don’t work out for them.


Reasonable prices and quality products isn’t enough to gain conversions in your site. You need your customer’s trust if you want to run a successful ecommerce store.