Do you want widen your knowledge on search engine optimization, and advance your career in this profession? Then, you might want to consider getting certified in this field.

What which one is the right certification for you? Surely, there are plenty to choose from, but choosing the correct one may be challenging. Certifications are not always required for SEO positions especially for the seo expert in Malaysia, though acquiring one may become useful in some circumstances.

Below are some important information you must know when it comes to search engine optimization certifications.

What is the purpose of SEO certifications?

Getting a certification in SEO can serve various purposes. Earning one can help you back up your career claims. As you know, in the SEO landscape, several professionals are self-taught. Of course, you would want employers to notice you, and being certified is one of the most effective ways to get their attention. Moreover, getting certified can help you complete some gaps in your resume. Certainly, reputable companies prefer to hire individuals who have specific qualifications.

Can certifications and courses make you proficient in the field?

It’s true that search engine optimization courses can be very useful. However, if you are only a novice or a professional with intermediate SEO knowledge, it wouldn’t make you an expert. These certifications can teach you technical knowledge and principles, but it can’t orient you with hands-on tasks. Keep in mind that SEO expertise comes from tons of hands-on work. You can consider SEO certifications as good starting points to a promising digital career.

List of SEO Courses and Certifications

1.Free Inbound Certification Course – HubSpot (Free)

Do you want to earn an SEO certification without a huge financial commitment? This free course is a good start for you. It allows you to take 12 classes on several inbound marketing  aspects, and then accomplish a 60-question exam.

2.SEO Training Course – Moz (Free)

If you want to learn more about search engine optimization, this Udemy crash course is another good option. It is an efficient video-based course that you can invest in without a huge time commitment.

3.Certifications and Certificates – Data and Marketing Association ($1,049)

This association offers various certification programs. Do you want an introductory course in the digital marketing field? Then, this one may be the one you are looking for. These courses are not very comprehensive, but it can help you introduce yourself to certain marketing aspects.

4.SEO Certificate – Online Marketing Institute ($25 every month)

This SEO certification course is composed of 14 lessons on several parts of SEO. Finishing this course successfully allows you to get a completion certificate.

5.SEO Courses – DistilledU ($33 every month)

Are you determined to learn SEO from scratch? Then, DistilledU can assist you in achieving this goal. By paying a subscription fee monthly, you can gain access to several hours of video content on search engine optimization, from the most basic details to the most advanced topics.

6.Advanced SEO Certification Training –  MarketMotive ($299)

This SEO course provides many hours of video content that you can watch anytime you want. With several hours of video and 15 projects, you can apply your new SEO knowledge right away.

7.Courses and Certifications – Search Engine College ($99)

This provides a wide range of certifications and courses that will help you learn quality SEO techniques.

8.SEO Certificate – University of California at Irvine ($3,538)

Do you want to put on serious weight to your SEO training? Then, consider getting a certificate from a reputable educational institution. This particular course provides online courses and SEO certificates.