mobile design


Web design industry is constantly changing, and we can’t wait to experience the trends in store for 2019. 2017 opened the doors for minimalism. 2018 saw the prevalence of bold typefaces. What do you think about the custom website design in Malaysia which are the trends in store for us this 2019? Here is a list of trends you should watch out for.

1.Vibrant Colors

The year of pastel is over—it’s time for the big comeback of vibrant colors. In 2019, there is no room left for subdued color schemes. This year will be all about character, personality and contrast.

It’s no secret that color can make a crucial impact in our brains, behaviors and perceptions. They can make us feel alive, excited and awake. Bright colors can always make you feel engaged, spark your energy and motivate you.

Plan your website with lots of colors in mind. By the time your visitors leave, they can forget all the written information, but colors can help them remember what they feel.

2.Bold Typefaces

2019 is welcoming bold typefaces with open arms. Large letters invite us to read powerful headlines with lots of whitespaces. Bold typefaces are not just pleasing aesthetically, they can also impact reading comprehension, user perception and reading speed in a positive manner. Clearly, they are a statement.

3.Mastering Mobile Design

80 percent of internet users browse websites and social media through their mobile phones. At this day and age, web designers should be able to master mobile design. How can they sustain efficient navigation and functionality of web content? They should continuously look for ways to improve browsing experiences on smaller devices. That’s key challenge for professionals this 2019.

4.Micro-interactions are getting more subtle

Micro-interactions are getting more and more interesting as the years progress. They allow website visitors to interact with an application or software using little sounds and gestures.

Each time a user syncs data on devices, changes settings, sets an alarm, picks a password and logs in, he or she is engaging with a micro-interaction. They may seem forgettable and dull at first, but trust me, they are engaging and pleasurable.

Micro-interactions are fun and addictive. For some professionals they add a human touch to some tasks, encouraging users to interact more with the platform and software.

5.Visual Storytelling:

This coming year is the year of videos. This 2019, visual storytelling will become even more vital to websites and social media platforms. Videos will become even more personal—audiences will continue to love materials that tickle their emotions. To be able to come up with an attention-grabbing web layout, web designers should be able to master the art of visual storytelling. After all, websites are not only simple pages, they should tell captivating stories.


SGV will find its way to the top this 2019. Dynamic SGVs are used in website headers and navigation menus, so expect to see more of this in the coming months. Of course, designers would love to improve interfaces without losing the page’s functionality.