In having a better state of finance, proper money management planning is crucial despite it will take some times to comprehend the whole concept of finance and simply improve it. In other words, in mastering on the concept of the finance, it require high amount of commitment and proper understanding on the situation of the finance.

Here are steps in managing your finance:

  1. Create a budget

As the first step in managing your finance is, having proper budgeting on your financial. Creating and sticking to your is not an easy thing to be achieved at first, yet it will help you to analyse the state of your finance with clarity and full of transparency. By that, it could assist you in having better process in managing your money.

Besides, it is the first step for you in paying all of your debts and start your personal savings for your future expenses such as for your retirement, a mortgage and a car. In other words, to achieve a balance financial life and give you a peace of mind, you need to understand your expenses and your income completely in managing your financial state.


  1. Understand your income

It would be the most important aspect to understand on the state of income especially when it is related to your expenses. High number of people could know the monthly amount of their income, but do not know the exact amount of their expenses in every month.

In figuring out on your monthly expenses, you could simply subtract the amount of your income per month with your expenses.


As you have gain that amount of the result, simply make a proper analysation.

  1. If you end up with negative number: it means that you are spending more than you made.

Action that should be done: Reduce your spending and your expenses


  1. If you end up with positive number: it means that you are spending less than you made.

Action that should be done: Increase the payment of your debt or simply increase on your saving.


Once you have understand the concept of your expenses and income by knowing the exact details on the cash in and cash out, it would be the suitable time to proceed to the next step in managing your finance.


  1. Contingency funding plan

You need always to be prepared for any possibilities in the future. Besides, having proper emergency funds reflect that you are having proper management of finance. You should not simply touch or cash out the fund unless you are experiencing unfortunate or unexpected expense arises that require you to cash out some amount of money to overcome the problem.


  1. Planning on personal financial strategy

It is one of the crucial element in maintaining the progress on proper management of finance as you are referring to any of the financial experts. By referring to any experts on your finance, you could simply polish your skills in improving the exact way in managing your financial status.

By mapping out on your personal financial strategy, it could present a specific goal in mind by having proper ability in managing your personal finance better than before.


Managing your personal finance might be full of hassle and a complicated process, yet if you can imagine the success of your saving in future, you will believe that it is a worth process throughout your life.