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5 Bad Website Design Errors to Stay Clear Of

Are you an owner of a web design company? Then, you know that a websites are true reflections of an agency’s vision and mission. Website creation can be easy, but delivering great user experience can be a challenge, most especially for beginners. Below are some of the most common mistakes when creating websites:


  1. Overstuffed Content

Too much content

Most users just scan through web content, no matter how well-written it is. Because of this, it’s better to just limit the amount of words, and make the tone easier to consume. If you can, you can also utilize visuals to keep people engaged.


  1. Failure to Reflect Brand Personality

Your brand’s personality should be well-presented on your website. Tell your brand’s story effectively, in order to establish a good relationship with your audiences.


  1. Inconsistent Visual Design

Web Design

Interface design plays a crucial role in providing amazing user experience. If you’ll use a website template, see to it that maintains consistency across all your websites’ pages. Double check the font styles, and colors.


  1. Difficult Navigation

Are your users having a hard time figuring out what to do next? What do you want them to do next? Encourage your customers to take action, and make it easier for them to find relevant information.


  1. Pop-up Interference

Pop up

Pop-ups are annoying. How would you feel if you’re doing something important then you’re suddenly interrupted by a pop-up? It’s highly recommended to get rid of this nonsense feature, most especially if you’re struggling to attract more visitors.