Consider web hosting is a huge computer where individuals and businesses store their websites. The term “website hosting” pertains to that agency that rent out their servers so you can store your website, and deliver internet connection so you can access them.

Are you looking for a top web hosting company in Malaysia? There are tons of dependable companies to choose from in that area. Below are some important value-added features and services that you should expect from your new web hosting provider:

      1. 1.Email hosting
      1. 2.Basic technical and Content Management System (like WordPress) support
      1. 3.Domain registration
      1. 4.Website builder

What makes a reliable web hosting agency?

There are several factors to consider when picking a website host. Server physical locations, customer support, features, price and server performance are just few of the components you should look into.

The Different Kinds of Website Hosting

1.Dedicated Server Hosting

This kind of hosting provides maximum control over the website server your pages are stored on. Basically, you are exclusively renting an entire server.

2.Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting provides the unlimited feature to handle high traffic spikes. A cloud, or a team of servers, work together in order to host many websites. This allows many computers to work well together to manage high traffic spikes or levels for a specific website.

3.Shared Hosting

In a shared hosting setup, the website is placed on that same exact server as several other websites. Usually, the domains share server resources, like CPU or RAM. Since this setup has low costs, it is typically the preferred option of newbie bloggers and online business owners.

4.VPS, or Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS hosting divides a specific server into many virtual servers. Each website is, in a way, hosted on their very own dedicated server. However, they are actually sharing this server with other users. Clients can have access to a secured web hosting environment with this kind of setup.