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Some Mobile App Development Trends to Follow in 2019


According to recent statistics, there are over 5 billion people in the world that has a smartphone, there are over 197 billion apps being downloaded in the year 2017, there are over 5 billion apps in the wild (Google Play Store and Apple App Store combined), and there is a sizable portion of the world’s population that uses their phones 5 hours on average.

What does this tell you? Well, it means that smartphones are here to stay for a very long time. And, what better way to improve our smartphones than to have some mobile applications, right?

As a person that develops apps, what are things that you should remember in order for you to stay competitive in this niche? Well, if you follow certain trends, you will stay relevant for a very long time.

Today, I am going to talk about some mobile app development trends that you can follow in 2019.

Major Emphases on the User Experience

User Experience

It is without a doubt that companies and mobile app developers create applications for consumers. That is why there is always an ever-growing need to make the user experience worthwhile.

Think about the user interface and how it translates to the use of the consumers. Is your app very easy to use or is it jammed with a lot of useless features? Does it have an appealing interface? What innovations are implemented in it to elevate the user experience?

As far as performance goes, native applications are still king when it comes to how an app loads in a native operating system environment. However, with the new changes to app development frameworks, cross-platform apps are already going toe-to-toe against native applications (which is also quite favorable since cross-platform apps work on any mobile operating system).

Performance Should Also Be a Priority

App Performance

With so many smartphones nowadays, it has become imperative for mobile developers to ensure that they tap into the resources of every hardware out there. This is so that the performance across many different smartphones remain consistent and topnotch.

For the developer, they have to think about optimizing the screen resolution, the size of the content inside the application, and of course, the usability of their mobile apps.

Since most smartphones nowadays sport a 1080p display panel, it would be wise for developers to use the said resolution first and then scale it up or down depending on the need.

Also, most smartphones now come with multi-core processors that ensure high-quality performance across the board. This allows developers to incorporate a lot of features without fear that will bog down the performance of different phones with different hardware configurations.


Mobile app development is always a booming industry, but to remain competitive, mobile app developers should always make it a point to adhere to new standards.

App performance should always be a top priority and so is the user experience. With a good performance package and amazing aesthetics, expect your mobile apps to be enjoyed by the consumers.



How Much Should You Buy in for at the Texas Hold’em Tables?

Perhaps you are already know about 4d online Malaysia, yet are you familiar with buy-ins at Texas hold’em poker? Buy-ins are crucial, and each player should acknowledge that importance.

These are the top two recommendations, but of course, you have other options aside from these.

  1. Buy in for a minimum of five times at a limit Texas hold’em poker game.
  2. A maximum buy in at a no-limit Texas hold’em poker game.

Below are the reasons why these two are good ideas.

Texas Hold’em Tables

  1. Many players check on how good you are through your chip stack’s size.
  2. Your bluffs and semi-bluffs can lead you to success. You can win more pots!
  3. You’ll appear just like a real winner.
  4. No need to purchase more chips. Doing this would make you appear like a stronger player.

What are the maximum and minimum buy-in amounts?

Buy-ins from limit hold’em and no limit tables are very different. However, both of them have minimum buy-in amounts. All these limitations differ from card room to card room.

At higher-stakes hold’em games, there are no maximum buy-ins. You need to be aware because you might end up risking your complete stack on one bet. Don’t buy in for a specific amount if you don’t want to lose one hand.

How Big a Bankroll Do You Need to Play Texas Hold’em, Regardless of the Limits?

In order to get through variance and bad luck, you need to be a huge bankroll. Even the most experienced players with the most effective hands have wild bankroll swings. Since the impact of skills can only be realized in the long run, you should have enough funds until the very end.

However, at some point, some people would tell you that there’s no harm in ignoring bankroll requirements. They would tell you that, as long as you’re willing to lose your buy-in, it’s okay to take a shot.

Texas Hold’em TablesConclusion

The amount of your buy-ins depends on the goal and playing limitations. Are you a recreational player? Then, you can get a buy-in for a much bigger bankroll percentage.

Don’t feel bad about taking shots. If you lose something, then just organize a new bankroll.

5 Bad Website Design Errors to Stay Clear Of

Are you an owner of a web design company? Then, you know that a websites are true reflections of an agency’s vision and mission. Website creation can be easy, but delivering great user experience can be a challenge, most especially for beginners. Below are some of the most common mistakes when creating websites:


  1. Overstuffed Content

Too much content

Most users just scan through web content, no matter how well-written it is. Because of this, it’s better to just limit the amount of words, and make the tone easier to consume. If you can, you can also utilize visuals to keep people engaged.


  1. Failure to Reflect Brand Personality

Your brand’s personality should be well-presented on your website. Tell your brand’s story effectively, in order to establish a good relationship with your audiences.


  1. Inconsistent Visual Design

Web Design

Interface design plays a crucial role in providing amazing user experience. If you’ll use a website template, see to it that maintains consistency across all your websites’ pages. Double check the font styles, and colors.


  1. Difficult Navigation

Are your users having a hard time figuring out what to do next? What do you want them to do next? Encourage your customers to take action, and make it easier for them to find relevant information.


  1. Pop-up Interference

Pop up

Pop-ups are annoying. How would you feel if you’re doing something important then you’re suddenly interrupted by a pop-up? It’s highly recommended to get rid of this nonsense feature, most especially if you’re struggling to attract more visitors.



Get A Head Start For Early Treatment

Muhammad Ali is considered to be one of boxing’s greatest fighters. However, he is not only known for being a great boxer; he is also known to have Parkinson’s disease.

In most cases, people are usually diagnosed with this medical condition long after the age of 60. But, Ali was diagnosed as early as age 42. Some may attribute it to the fact that boxing can produce such trauma to the head that could possibly have contributed to the rapid onset of this disease on the famous boxer.

After Ali died, there’s a renewed interest in the research and knowledge of Parkinson’s disease. In today’s article, I will talk about the early warning signs of Parkinson’s so that if you happen to know a loved one that has these, you may want to bring them to the doctor for treatments.

How Do You Diagnose Parkinson’s?

There are actually some really common symptoms of Parkinson’s, but the problem is that it can rarely be detected in its early stages simply because most of the symptoms still do not manifest themselves.

So, if you suspect that your loved one has this particular condition, you have to consult the doctor. The medical practitioner would then have a glance at their medical records to see if there is a predisposition to this condition.

The doctor would then do a procedure that will help determine the dopamine levels in the brain.

Apart from that, some of the early warning signs of Parkinson’s are as follows:



This is arguably the most telling sign that a person has Parkinson’s. Muhammad Ali actually suffered from severe tremors due to this condition.

This is characterized by the involuntary shaking of your foot, fingers, or some parts of the jaw or face. The shaking can range from mild to worse and oftentimes, a person who suffers from Parkinson’s will not be able to control them.


Handwriting/Hand Movement Changes

Normal people usually write legibly. That means that the font size is usually something that normal people can see.

However, people with Parkinson’s are different. They usually write in very small letters; at least when compared to their original handwriting. They also exhibit writing with a lighter touch and it takes them a much longer time to finish what they want to write.


Stiff Limbs

If the person’s body is rigid and it is quite stiff to move, especially when it comes to the arms and legs, then that is also a good indication that a person is likely suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

This can be very apparent when the affected person tries to walk. If they have a hard time swinging their arms while they walk, then that could be a good indicator and while premature ejaculation is another physical drawback of Parkinson’s, it doesn’t appear until much later into the disease.


Sudden Loss of Smell

It is believed that people who suffer from this condition will suddenly lose their sense of smell. This is not to say that they cannot breathe through their nose, but it does affect their ability to catch a scent. They might have a hard time smelling flowers, appreciating their cologne, among other things.


Changes in the Tone/Overall Voice

If you notice a change in the person’s tone or overall voice, then that is also a telltale sign that Parkinson’s disease has already affected the person somewhat.

Every Web Designer Should Be Able To Do This In Their Sleep

When it comes to website design, several skills evolve and change from time to time. However, there will always be rules that don’t need changing. Are you a dedicated web designer? Below are some of the things that you should be able to accomplish on autopilot.

1. Sketch with Confidence

By sketching, you can help your clients visualize their website goals. You don’t need to be top-notch creative or artist overnight to do this. By just sketching with confidence, you can establish a connection between you and your clients that will help achieve effective results.

2. Utilize a Common Framework

10 Things That Should Be Done By Web DesignerAll web developers use frameworks to start their projects. If you are handing over a website to a client, a framework will make it easier to make updates, and maintain it in the long run.

3. Package and Backup Files

You should understand how to backup your website, and restore it, whenever necessary. This can prevent the loss of important data, just in case something bad happens to your website. Moreover, it is important to learn how to make package files for site styles.

4. Know the 3 Trends, and How to Utilize Them

If you really want your website to be a success, you need to create it based on the latest trends. Stay up-to-date with the latest techniques in the website design industry. How can you apply these in your website’s design?

5. Explain Design Theory

What are the components that you should focus on when creating websites? Balance, spacing, proportion, flow and color. Focus on design theory. What are the things that contribute to a well-balanced design?

6. Code with CSS and HTML

You need to understand the most basic programming languages behind every web design. Learn how to troubleshoot, edit and read basic HTML and CSS languages. These skills can serve you properly in the long run.

7. Edit Images

All successful websites have great images. As a website designer, you should also know how to edit and manipulate images. From sizing to cropping, you should be able to work around images with absolute ease.

10 Things That Should Be Done By Web Designer8. Make a Print

Your job may be in the digital landscape, but at some point, you will need to print some materials. From business cards and press releases to fliers, you should be able to convert and build elements efficiently.

9. Write Headlines

Write your headlines well. These simple words can help your clients understand how much space is still available for text.

10. Navigate a Website Through Any Device

Experiment with various browsers. When taking on a web design project, you should be able to browse the web pages in any kind of gadget efficiently.

Retina In Sensing The Light

Last June 2014, they distributed about the developing the most mature retina from the induced human pluripotent stem cells and the vitro product could create a functional photoreceptor cells. Specialists have stepped toward making a useful human retina in their laboratory. They are incorporating photoreceptors with essential cilia and parts of the inward section structure, and can be created in culture from iPSCs or what we called the induced pluripotent stem cells.

The Light-Sensing RetinaThe significant development here is the capacity to make retinal cells that can react to light and forms into being surprisingly the proper orientation.

The smaller than normal human retinal tissue could form the external section circles that are basic for light-detecting and contained every one of the seven retinal cell types, including the 4 types of photoreceptor cells that express opsins.

This is a delightfully performed set of tests to demonstrate that human induced pluripotent stem cells are fit for forming the retinal cells that pursue the normal formative time course. The significant exercises that stem cells really considers are driving us towards is that there are natural guidelines inside the stem cells to build tissue.

The Light-Sensing RetinaThat retinal photoreceptor tissue can be created in the laboratory that analysts might have the capacity to use these tissues for regenerative medicinal applications. At present, clinical trials are trying to figure it out if the retinal-pigmented epithelial cells can developed from human stem cells and can be transplanted into retinal degeneration for enhancing or to locate. This is an incredible system that will enable us to understand these retinal ailments and creating medications.



Social media agency  has changed the manner in which brands work together, yet as of now, those strategies have changed. Before all else, each post had the opportunity to achieve a critical bit of adherents to your page, for nothing.

A constant flow of new content on your page would bring a constant flow of new likes and new potential customers. You could put a little spend behind your presents on the off chance that you needed to lift your crowd, yet you didn’t require a social budget to see huge outcomes. Circumstances are different.

Presently, promoting on social takes a more cautious and determined way to deal with utilize your marketing budget adequately and achieve your customers.

Spending on social is presently a need

Organizations used to spend on social sporadically, however now social spend ought to be worked into your general marketing budget. Spending on social media marketing is the new standard.

Fortunately, spending on social has turned out to be to a greater degree a science, and less a “splash and implore” issue, as previously. Explicit budgets can yield explicit, quantifiable dimensions of presentation. Be sure about what social media channel(s) your current or potential customers utilize and utilize your promotion dollars to help catch that group of onlookers.

Set a marketing budget for both your business and every one of your customers. When you have arranged your spend limits, begin arranging which groups of onlookers you will focus on social. The more explicit you can be, the better.

Drive customers to an explicit activity

Contacting groups of onlookers on social can be compelling for spreading brand mindfulness for your business, however, it’s not the entire amusement. When you’re designing efforts for social media, it’s useful to think about the explicit activity that you need these potential customers to take. Much the same as picking gatherings of people, specific should as much as possible.

Purchasing items or booking administrations is the most evident activity you may need customers to take, yet it’s not alone. It likewise might be the minimum productive for your gathering of people, and in this way, the most costly to target.

You’ll need to explore different avenues regarding your informing to make sense of what works best, yet an alternate activity, for example, agreeing to accept an email rundown or visiting your blog, might be less demanding (and less expensive) to accomplish.

Market to your customers, not just any customers

Each business needs most extreme presentation, however burning through cash to achieve everybody isn’t reasonable or productive. A few people are essentially less slanted to purchase from your business. They may have effectively tackled the issue your administration satisfies, might not have an intrigue, or there might be different components representing a mark against you.

There’s no compelling reason to freeze – there are still a lot of individuals out there simply holding up to get notification from you so they can make a buy. These are your customers. Your business ought to focus on these explicit groups of onlookers that are bound to end up your customers. To begin, think about your best customers, at that point make gatherings of people that mirror their attributes.

Begin considering conceivable gatherings of people for your business

Here are a few instances of focusing on explicit gatherings of people:

Directed: $2 every day – on a couple of posts – focusing on females matured 28 to 68 in the more noteworthy Houston territory that rundown online adornments partners or retailers in their profile. The objective: a brisk offer of downloadable social media marketing best practices, explicitly customized to online gems retail businesses.

Habitually Targeted: $10 a post – posting no less than three times each week-focused at Friends and Friends of Friends. The objective: expanded introduction and expanded shot of procurement or suggestion of your marketing administrations or bundles.

Explicit Targeted: $100 for 10 days – on an erratic post advancing your talking commitment – focusing on guys and females matured 24 to 64 in the north Atlanta region that are individuals from Chambers of Commerce and rundown marketing as a diversion or calling. The objective: picking up participants at your Constant Contact Partner’s marketing workshop.

With respect to where to target customers, Facebook is tremendous. Since the stage has extended all around the globe, you can target customers utilizing the most extravagant statistic data accessible to your business. For as meager a $1 or $2 every day, you can achieve a portion of these model gatherings of people:

  •    People who like your page.
  •    Friends of People who like your page.
  •    Choose a ZIP or city. As a nearby business focusing on other neighborhood businesses, this is an incredible asset. Get the hang of Facebook statistic decisions and you’ll take advantage of your marketing.
  •    Emails into Facebook. You can transfer messages into Facebook. Facebook will discover the greatest number of your email contacts as it precisely can.

Try not to be hesitant to spend and analyze

Try not to consider social media as a dark gap that you toss cash into and plan to get some new likes once in a while. Social media marketing has now turned into a vital science, one that you can use further bolstering your advantage in case you’re willing to go for broke and explore.

Much the same as email marketing and some other type of publicizing, social media marketing is an investigation. This huge sandbox of preferences and adherents will enable you to test distinctive informing and crusades to perceive what works best for your gathering of people of potential customers.

Since the universe of social moves so quick, these trials will give you a chance to develop and adjust rapidly, advising your general marketing outside of social to wind up increasingly successful.

To begin, begin little and spotlight on developing after you’ve seen positive outcomes or patterns. You don’t need a major budget on social to see a major effect. The more explicit you can be with your focusing on and your coveted activity, the less you’ll have to spend to begin getting results. You’ll be burning through cash, truly, yet you should similarly as quick observe critical profits for your venture.

SEO Tools 101: How to Use Majestic SEO’s Trust Flow Metric

Have tried exploring the SEO Trust Flow of Majestic? This is one of the most reliable SEO tools that had been practiced by others seo firm and you can use it today. In this article, you will know how to utilize this metric for competitor analysis, link prospecting and link audits.

Why Should You Trust Flow is King?

There is a possibility that Google will never update PageRank ever again. It is a highly dependable metric. However, we can no longer use it. It is reliable, but it cannot match Trust Flow’s accuracy.

What is Trust Flow?

Trust Flow is a reliable metric by Majestic, and is weighted by the amount of clicks from a set of credible websites to a given domain or URL. It identifies the score depending on the traffic flowing through certain links and link site relevancy.

Competitor Analysis

Trust Flow can be used to go through the competitor link profiles. By using this, you can see which links are worth acquiring. But of course, before analyzing the links of your competitors, you need to make sure that they have relevant links.

How to Use Majestic SEOPenalty Recovery: Link Audits

Utilizing Trust Flow is an efficient approach to determine toxic links during penalty recovery and link audit processes.

When auditing, always begin with those links that are irrelevant. Then, go to the links which have low or zero trust flow.

The links that you will find in this process will be removed, and disavowed.

Link Prospecting

Trust Flow is a great metric for assessing prospective link opportunities. You can also use this for directories, guest posts, forums, resource lists, expired domains and more.

Are you looking for guest blog opportunities? Then, toss the websites to the “bulk backlinks” option. Afterwards, you will have an entire directory to check. Which ones are worth submitting your website to?

Bot Blocking

Trust Flow and Majestic are not always 100 percent reliable. Those people who are utilizing blog networks can block Majestic from crawling their webpages. This only means that, if you are analyzing your competitors, you won’t be able to view the links.

How to Use Majestic SEOPBN Deindexing equates to Irrelevant Topical Trust Flow

This has been proven and tested. The number one factor that can get private blog networks deindexed is when its outbound links and content fail to match the domain’s trust flow. Google is not utilizing the metric of Majestic. What they are using is relevancy as an approach to eliminating networks.

Tips for Intraday Trading Beginners

Intraday trading is the act of trading stocks or shares based on the technical and derivative data points where the entry and exit positions are entered and exited on the same trading day, respectively.

Do note that the stock exchanges are only active during 9:30 AM until 4 PM in the afternoon. During this time, you make suitable trades that will rake you some good money as one of the option trading ideas.

However, how can you be successful in intraday trading? Here are some tips:

1. Look at the Buying/Selling Prices

Great Intraday Trading Tips for BeginnersWhenever you trade, especially if you’re going for intraday trading, it is best that you look at the buying/selling prices. General stock market rules apply. You want to buy shares for cheap and sell them for a higher price for profit.

Since you’re going to be entering and exiting the same day, this means that you work your power of prediction and only get those shares that you assume will increase in prices before the trading day ends.

Take, for instance, the Reliance Industries Limited. The current stock price for buying it is 1118 Indian Rupees and the sale price is 1128. Typically, this is a good trade since you’re earning an additional 10 Rupees per stock.

2. Create a Stop/Loss Target

One amazing way to hedge your assets from severe loss is to create a Stop/Loss or Limit Option. This is where you set a maximum ceiling on how much you’re willing to spend on a particular share so that you won’t lose a lot of money.

This is a perfect tool, especially for beginner intraday traders. For instance, Tech Mahindra Limited has its shares currently priced at 723 and some people expect its price to be 728 by the end of the day. You could set a stop-loss price of 717 so that in the event that your prediction is wrong and the share price has dropped instead of increasing, then, at least, you will only be losing 6 Rupees from the original price that you bought the shares.

3. Set a Target

Great Intraday Trading Tips for BeginnersLastly, you want to set a maximum target for your trades. This is so that you’re not selling your stocks at exorbitant prices, making people not want to trade with you.

For example, Colgate Palmolive Limited in India has its price currently set at 1140. You could set a target at 1168 because it is still within the realm of a good trade since the price is not at all too farfetched.

Again, intraday trading is all about making profits and making multiple trades per day, ensuring that you’re earning money on each trade.

Now, that being said, you also have to take note that it is not all the time that you win trades. In fact, statistics show that you only win 50-60% of all of your trades realistically speaking. Therefore, although you can earn money on each trade, you should also know that there are times that you’re losing money as well.

There are a lot of mobile users than the desktop users. Businesses must and have understood the need to viably utilize mobile channels for drawing in clients. They have begun new activities through mobile sites and mobile applications. While businesses with vast wallets can bear to use both mobile sites and applications, different businesses may need to pick one of them. The decision between mobile applications and sites relies upon their cost, ease of use, required highlights and the group of onlookers they serve.

Also, there are different reasons that improve mobile applications than mobile sites based on the mobile app development.

Offer Better Personalization

Personalization is tied in with offering custom-made correspondence to clients dependent on their interests, area, use conduct, and that’s just the beginning. With mobile applications, it’s anything but difficult to treat clients with a customized involvement. Applications can likewise track and watch client commitment, and utilize it to offer custom suggestions and updates to the clients. Besides, they can likewise distinguish area of the clients continuously to give topography particular substance. Nonetheless, enhancing customer experience isn’t the main reason that personalization serves.

Sending Notifications & Updates

For the most recent few decades, email has been the most generally used business to specialize device. Organizations have broadly utilized email to connect with their clients. Accordingly, email has lost the adequacy it once had; its open rates and snap rates have always dropped.

The warnings are of two kinds: push and in-application notification. They both are energizing options for speaking with application clients in a less nosy way. It’s implied that you need to design your notification efforts sensibly.

  1. In-application notifications are the notices which clients can just get when they have opened an application.
  2. Push notification, then again, are those notices which clients can get paying little mind to any action they are doing on their cell phone.

Mobile Device Features

Mobile applications have the upside of using highlights of a cell phone like camera, contact list, GPS, telephone calls, accelero-meter, compass, and so on. Such gadget highlights, when utilized inside an application, can make the client encounter intelligent and fun. Additionally, these highlights can likewise diminish the endeavors clients would need to make generally.

Work Offline

It is likely the most principal distinction between a mobile site and an application. In spite of the fact that applications too may require web availability to perform the vast majority of their assignments, they can at present offer essential substance and usefulness to clients in offline mode. The application can give highlights like assessment figuring, portion computation, and assurance of credit limit. These highlights can work even without the assistance of a web association.


Mobile sites need to depend a considerable measure on programs to perform even the most rudimentary capacities. Mobile sites rely upon program highlights like ‘back catch,’ ‘revive catch,’ and ‘address bar’ to work.

While Mobile Apps don’t have any of these limitations. A mobile application can be structured with a great deal of expand capacities, in view of cutting edge motions like ‘tap,’ ‘swipe,’ ‘drag,’ ‘squeeze,’ ‘hold,’ and the sky is the limit from there. Applications can use these motions to offer imaginative usefulness that can enable clients to play out an errand better.

They Spend More Time on Applications

A point to consider here is that clients invest a dominant part of their energy in gaming applications and web based life applications. People nowadays are more practical in a way that finding an easiest way to do like what mobile applications can do.

Brand Presence

Clients spend a generous measure of their time on cellphones. It’s sheltered to state that huge numbers of the clients experience the applications they’ve introduced on their gadgets, consistently. This standard experience can be seen as a marking open door for the applications.

Notwithstanding when clients are not effectively utilizing a mobile application, they are still helped to remember the brand related with the application. The symbol of the application demonstrations like a smaller than normal promotion for the brand.

Work Faster

An all around planned mobile application can perform activities a lot speedier than a mobile site. Applications for the most part store their information locally on cell phones, as opposed to sites that for the most part utilize web servers. Thus, information recovery happens quickly in mobile applications. Applications can additionally spare clients’ time by putting away their inclinations, and utilizing them to take proactive activities for clients’ sake.